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A study has been carried out by ICRI on applicants whose bio – datas were available in the public domain of It is found that 92 applications were being posted who has passed out in the year 2006/2007.The total number which passed out were 350 approximately, hence we have date for 33% of the batch.

The data is as follows

Total number 92

Percentage working abroad 14%


Percentage earning more than 50 lacs p.a.(15%)

Percentage earning more than 20 lacs p.a. (29%)

Percentage earning more than 15 lacs p.a. (47%)

Percentage earning more than 10 lacs p.a. (100%)

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S No. Name of the Student Annual Salary Placed In Designation Location
1 Indrani Saha USD 4.0 lac(s) Astrazeneca, UK Supply Chain Study Manager UK
2 Sameera Tak USD 1.25 Lac(s) Novartis Pharma AG Strategy & Business Support Manager Switzerland
3 Marcia Pantalos Awe USD 1.0 Lac(s) Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Muhimbili National Hospital Pharmacist Tanzania
4 Rahul USD 0.95 lac(s) The Binding Site Group International Product Manager UK
5 Ashish Jain USD 0.65 lac(s) Wipro Technologies Ltd. Business Analyst UK
6 Sanoj Prabhakaran USD 0.55 lac(s) Hospira Regulatory Affairs Manager UAE
7 Dr. Yash USD 0.40 lac(s) Quintiles Translational Regulatory Affairs Associate UK
8 Madhuri Kadam INR 50+ lac(s) Novartis Healthcare Ltd. Safety Processing expert Hyderabad
9 Manikhandan Mudaliar INR 35.0 lac(s) University of Dundee, UK Computational Biologist- Bioinformatics Analyst UK
10 Dr. Abhinandan Munnolli INR 30.0 lac(s) Mehta Children Hospital Registered Medical Officer Mumbai
11 Deepika Mahindro INR 25.50 lac(s) Self employed Independent Senior Consultant Kenya
12 Dr. Gunjan Shinde INR 25.00 lac(s) Private Patients Rehabitation Consultant Mumbai
13 Dr. Jyoti Bhatt INR 25.00 lac(s) Dental Health Clinic Dentist Banagalore
14 Siddharth INR 25.00 lac(s) Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. Associated Team Lead Mumbai
15 Anirudh S Kulkarni INR 24.00 lac(s) Phlexglobal Clinical Research Associate Bangalore
16 Dr. Sumit Goyal INR 23.00 lac(s) Pharmanet i3 Associate Director Bangalore
17 Vishal Mishra INR 22.50 lac(s) Novartis pharmaceuticals pvt ltd Clinical Trial Head/Global Trial Lead Hyderabad
18 Dr. Nilam Rajesh Gawande INR 22.00 lac(s) PPD Pharmaceutical India pvt ltd Senior Clinical Manager -Start Up APAC Mumbai
19 Dr. Vivek Jha P.T INR 20.00 lac(s) Novartis Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. Clinical Trial Manager - TRD, DSM - Primary Care Hyderabad
20 Nikita Vasihstha INR 20.00 lac(s) Centre for Dental Health Senior Consultant Delhi
21 Gopiram Ramachandran INR 19.10 lac(s) HCL Technologies Ltd. Group Manager Chennai
22 Ramprasad INR 19.05 lac(s) Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Manager Aggregate Safety Reporting Hyderabad
23 Ruchi INR 19.0 lac(s) Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Business Operations Manager Bangalore
24 Sumalya Sharief INR 19.9 lac(s) Zentrum for Medizinisch Forschung (ZMF) Clinical Research Coordinator Other
25 Sandesh S Kumar INR 18.50 lac(s) Sarvodaya Hospital, Mumbai Senior Consultant Mumbai
26 Dr. Vandana Tewari INR 17.00 lac(s) Cognizant Technology Solutions Deputy General Manager Mumbai
27 Shilpa Aggarwal INR 17.00 lac(s) Johnson & Johnson Ltd. Training Specialist - Asia Pacific Mumbai
28 Jagmohan Singh Bhogal INR 16.00 lac(s) Dir. Gen of Quality Assurance Joint Director Delhi
29 Dr. Itishree Pradhan INR 15.95 lac(s) Vasavi Dental Clinic Dentist Bangalore
30 Dr. Sameera Kashyap INR 15.50 lac(s) Novartis India Pvt. Ltd. Regulatory Manager (Group Leader) Hyderabad
31 Sachin Singh INR 15.35 lac(s) Novartis India Ltd. CRA - GH/Manager - Clinical Development Mumbai
32 Anand Dixit INR 15.00 lac(s) Vairian Medical System Business Analyst UK
33 Dr. Aji Kurlan George INR 15.00 lac(s) Indegene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Manager, Scientific Writing Bangalore
34 Dr. Hema P Bajaj INR 15.00 lac(s) Sanofi Head of Clinical Quality & Medical Excellence Mumbai
35 Eesha Sukhi INR 15.00 lac(s) Yahoo India Lead Consumer Marketing Mumbai
36 Dr. Abahy N Chimankar INR 14.58 lac(s) Cipla Ltd. Global Safety Officer Navi Mumbai
37 Dr. Farzana Lakdvala INR 14.50 lac(s) Wockhardt Ltd. Medical Advisor, Manager, International Clinical Research Mumbai
39 Minaxi Khalara INR 14.00 lac(s) Eli Lilly & co. Sr. Manager - Clinical Research Hyderabad
40 Padmalakshmi J INR 14.00 lac(s) Quintiles Technologies India Limited Manager - Operations Team Banagalore
41 Shweta INR 14.00 lac(s) Synowledge Manager PV Services Mysore
42 Ankit INR 13.65 lac(s) ECCRO India Services Pvt. Ltd. Director - Operations Mumbai
43 Rajesh INR 13.50 lac(s) Diagnosearch Life Sciences (P) Ltd. Assistant Project Manager Mumbai
44 Sanjay S. Mourya INR 13.50 lac(s) Oncorx Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Project Manager Mumbai
45 Anupama H INR 13.00 lac(s) Quintiles Research India Pvt. Ltd. Sr. Trainer Mumbai
46 Dr. Nipom Deka INR 13.00 lac(s) Sciformix Corporation Manager - Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance Pune
47 Manoj INR 13.00 lac(s) DIA (Drug Information Association) Sr. Manager Marketing & Programme Developmenty Mumbai
48 Amit Srivastava INR 12.75 lac(s) IGATE Computer Systems Ltd. Deputy Manager Operations Noida
49 Dr. Rita K Masih INR 12.50 lac(s) Daiichi Sankyo India Pharma Pvt. Ltd Clinical Study Manager Gurgaon
50 Dr. Samanth Prasad Tiwari INR 12.50 lac(s) SMK Dental Hospital Consultant Hyderabad
51 Mahesh INR 12.50 lac(s) Boehringer-ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd. Associate Project Manager Mumbai
52 Ina Kukreja INR 12.20 lac(s) Sutherland Global Services Ltd. Associate (Team Lead) Delhi
53 Anita INR 12.05 lac(s) Auriga Research Executive QA Delhi
54 Dr. Khokan Debnath INR 12.05 lac(s) Merck Serono Head of Clinical Operations Mumbai
55 Dr. Musasseer Ahmed INR 12.00 lac(s) Accenture Pharmaceuticals Services Ltd. Process Lead Aggregate Reporting Bangalore
56 Dr. Rakesh Vora INR 12.00 lac(s) Claimat Inc Product Manager Mumbai
57 Renubala INR 12.00 lac(s) Sciformix Technologies Ltd. Sr. Drug Safety Physician Pune
58 Shoma Das INR 12.00 lac(s) Boehringer-ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd. Project Manager - Clinical Operations Mumbai
59 Veena Ramanna INR 12.00 lac(s) Translational Medicine India Pvt. Ltd. Manager - Operations Bangalore
60 Dr. Shalini Srivastava INR 11.60 lac(s) Enovate Blolife Pvt. Ltd. Sr. Manager - Research & Development Mumbai
61 Gaurav INR 11.50 lac(s) AMI, Saudi Arabia Ltd. General Practitioner Saudi Arabia
62 Aditya Mitra INR 11.30 lac(s) Pfizer Ltd. Compliance Oversight Lead/Regional Lead-India Regional Monitoring Group Delhi
63 Anil Kumar Roy INR 11.00 lac(s) Novartis India Ltd. Sr. Clinical Manager Hyderabad
64 Dr. Amit Lodha INR 11.00 lac(s) Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Sr. Pharmacovigilance Expert Hyderabad
65 Dr. T Manual Arun INR 11.00 lac(s) Quintiles Malaysia Sdn Bhd Sr. Clinical Research Associate Malaysia
66 Sachin Kankran INR 11.00 lac(s) Eli Lilly & co. India Pvt. Ltd. Sr. Manager Clinical Research Delhi
67 Suma Mohan Das INR 11.00 lac(s) jet Airways Pvt. Ltd. Sr. CSA Mumbai
68 Gurudath INR 10.90 lac(s) Novartis Healthcare Ltd. Sr. Clinical Manager Hyderabad
69 Jyotsna Chaudhary INR 10.30 lac(s) IMS Health Consultant Bangalore
70 Amit Mohindru INR 10.20 lac(s) PATH Program Officer Gurgaon
71 Amol Sehgal INR 10.00 lac(s) Freyr Inc SME-Drug Safety Pharmacovigilance Delhi
72 Aparna Draksharapu INR 10.00 lac(s) Protein Design Labs Sr. Preclinical Associate Bangalore
73 Dr. Jawed Kalim INR 10.00 lac(s) Novartis Medical Scientific Expert Hyderabad
74 Dr. Rahul INR 10.00 lac(s) Bayer Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Medical Advisor Mumbai
75 Dr. Sujoy Rayappa INR 10.00 lac(s) Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Sr. Clinical Manager Hyderabad
76 dr. Salil Pradhan INR 10.00 lac(s) Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. Business advisor & AR Drug Safety Physician (Pharmacovigilance) & Business Advisor Chennai
77 Jalashri S Mehta INR 10.00 lac(s) RHIDEM - Research Health Institute in Diabetes Endocronology & Metabolism Clinical Research Coordinator Mumbai
78 Rajesh Gaikwad INR 10.00 lac(s) Diagnosearch Life Sciences (P) Ltd. Project Manager Mumbai
79 Shashidhar INR 10.00 lac(s) Novartis Medical Safety Writer Hyderabad
80 Dr Sameera Kashyap INR 15.50 Lac(s) Novartis India Private Limited Regulatory Manager (Group Leader) Hyderabad
81 Dr Mudasseer Ahamed INR 12.0 Lac(s) Accenture Pharmaceutical services Ltd Process Lead Aggregate reporting Bangalore
82 Dr Yash USD 0.40 Lac(s) Quintiles Translational Regulatory Affairs Associate UK
83 Dr. Aji Kurian George INR 15.0 Lac(s) Indegene Lifesystems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Manager, Scientific Writing Bangalore
84 Minaxi Khalera INR 14.0 Lac(s) Eli Lilly & Company Senior Manager-Clinical Research Hyderabad
85 sumaiya sharief INR 19.0 Lac(s) Zentrum For Medizinisch forschung (ZMF). Clinical Research Coordinator Bangalore
86 Manoj INR 10.80 Lac(s) DIA ( Drug Information Association ) Country Manager Marketing and Program Developement Mumbai
87 Shilpa Agarwal INR 17.0 Lac(s) Johnson & Johnson Limited Training Specialist - Asia Pacific mumbai
88 Dr.Hema P.Bajaj INR 15.0 Lac(s) Sanofi Head of Clinical Quality and Medical Excellence Mumbai
89 Padmalakshmi.J INR 14.0 Lac(s) Quintiles Technologies india limited Manager, Operations team bangalore
90 Siddhesh INR 25.0 Lac(s) Metropolis Healthcare Ltd Associated Team Lead mumbai
91 Dr. Rita K. Masih INR 12.50 Lac(s) Daiichi Sankyo India Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Clinical Study Manager Gurgaon
92 DR.T.MANUEL ARUN INR 11.0 Lac(s) Quintiles Malaysia Sdn Bhd Senior Clinical Research Associate Malaysia
93 Dr Sumit Goyal INR 23.0 Lac(s) PharmaNet i3 Associate Director Bangalore
94 Dr.Abhay N.Chimankar INR 14.55 Lac(s) Cipla Limited Global Safety Officer mumbai
95 Dr Rahul Balip INR 10.0 Lac(s) Bayer Pharmaceuticals Private Limited Medical Advisor Mumbai
96 Dr Jawed Kalim INR 10.0 Lac(s) Novartis Medical Scientific Expert Hyderabad
97 Aditya Mittra INR 11.30 Lac(s) Pfizer Limited Compliance Oversight Lead/Regional Lead - India Regional Monitoring Group delhi
98 shaweta INR 14.0 Lac(s) Synowledge Manager PV Services Hyderabad
99 Dr. Vivek Jha P.T. INR 20.0 Lac(s) Novartis Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd Clinical Trial manager - TRD, DSM - Primary Care hyderabad

Best Clinical Research Institute 2013 presented by India Education Awards 2013

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