Institute of Clinical Research India which is the largest and world first clinical research and healthcare institution with an alumni strength of 12,000 students working across the globe and with more than 250 industrial tiers across India. Over the last 11 years, ICRI has pioneered in placing students across varied industries such as Hospitals, Pharma companies, IT companies, Clinical Research Organisation, Biotech Companies etc.

  • Hospitals
  • Clinical Research Organisation
  • Pharma Companies
  • Biotech Companies
  • IT Companies
  • Medical Tourism Companies
  • Government Organisations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hospitality and other service related industries

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Our top 92 students’ stories who’ve passed from our programmes are working across the globe, the details of which are more than inspiring. Our internship programme ensures ICRI candidates are not only job ready, but have a job offer before the course is over.

The student must pass university test and interviews with minimum 55% marks in graduationfrom a UGC recognised university.

Did you know?

92 students applications were posted of who passed out in the year 2006/2007.The total number which passed out were 350 approximately, thus we have date for 33% of the batch.

Number abroad 12(students are in USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Switzerland)(14%)

Number earning more than 50 lacs p.a. 14(15%)

Number earning more than 20 lacs p.a. 27(29%)

Number earning more than 15 lacs p.a. 44(47%)

Number earning morethan 10 lacs p.a. 92(100%).

Institute of Clinical research India Internship Program

ICRI has specially designed skill based internship program for students so as to fill the gap between industry and academics (ICRIIP). It gives you in-depth practical knowledge and prepares you for future job opportunities. ICRIIP is a multi-dimensional development program where students get the golden opportunities to work with multi-national companies including pioneers such as IBM, Pfizer, Accenture, Merck, Abbott laboratories etc. You can avail this opportunity while studying so that extract most out of your precious time.Internship offered may or may not be paid, and it generally targets areas like business activities, technical area, scientific research and development to strengthen your skills.

Internships are generally offered in the following departments:

  • Research & Co-ordination
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Auditing
  • Research Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Public Affairs and Communications
  • Business & Financial Services
  • Site Services
  • Administrative
  • Legal

Traineeship Programme – only applicable for MBA aspirants.

ICRI brings India’s first traineeship programme to the Healthcare & pharmaceutical sector! On commencement of the 3rd semester of the MBA healthcare /MBA Pharma marketing programme, ICRI Students will study in the morning at ICRI campuses and afternoon onwards will work at industry at leading Hospitals, healthcare companies, medical tourism, insurance companies, Pharma companies, medical devices companies and manufacturing companies. Upon successful completion of the traineeship, students have a good chance of being absorbed into the same company leading to a 100% Assured placement.

Some of the Potential Companies Recruiting from ICRI

Best Clinical Research Institute 2013 presented by India Education Awards 2013

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SAS Training Program

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