Trends in Healthcare Industry 2016 With Bright Career Prospects

MBA in Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry is an integration of different sectors providing treatment and services to patients. It helps in treating patients with preventive, curative and palliative care. The healthcare industry is dependent on teams of expert and trained professionals to meet the health issues of all individuals. The healthcare industry is one of the largest as well as fastest growing industries in the world. Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI), India has made a significant impact on the economy by incorporating healthcare education in its curriculum. Healthcare Management, which is done in ICRI, involves the work of planning, integrating and managing all the business related activities within a hospital.

  • The top challenges and trends of healthcare industry 2016 are as follows:Increasing Data Demands: – Administrative leaders and clinicians search for data to make decisions and execute proper plans. However, sometimes there are some missing data due to which people make wrong assumptions. An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is the way towards solving this data challenge issue and helping clinicians to improve care and treatment through proper analysis.

    Patient-Centred Care: – Putting the patients at the centre of care is a significant change in the healthcare industry. This ensures that patients remains satisfied. This method will engage patients outside of a traditional visit to offices.

    Wearable Tracking Devices: – These devices developed in the healthcare industry help in monitoring sleep patterns, physical activity, calorie consumption, etc. This has a true potential to improve and maintain patient care. It will have a positive impact on improved engagement by patients.

    Healthcare industry 2016 is growing at a very fast pace with current trends and with the advent of healthcare management courses in institutions such as ICRI, it has become much more prominent in everyday life

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