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Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicines With A Course in Pharmacovigilance

PharmacovigilanceWhat is the purpose of studying Pharmacovigilance? When you study Pharmacovigilance it

  • Contribute to the assessment of effectiveness of medicines
  • Provides an effective communication to public and health professional.
  • You are also involved in Medical and paramedical intervention
  • It helps to promote understanding and education in pharmacovigilance
  • Improve safety of patients in relation to the use of the drug.

Before a new drug is launched in the market, a PG  Diploma in Pharmacovigilance professional study the safety measures taken before the drug hits the market to prevent adverse actions of the medicine. Public health has to be kept in mind when the medicine is released in the market...

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Scope of PG Diploma in Clinical Research (Part Time Online)

In recent years, biotech and pharmaceutical industry has experienced sea change worldwide. Thanks to impulse innovation and personalized medicines, the business models are maPG Diploma in Clinical Research (Part Time Online)turing and taking a step forward. With drastic drift towards emerging economies of countries like India, China and Russia, the pharmaceutical industries is shifting their research and development centres especially in the field of clinical research. Seeing and responding to the scenario large number of Institutes are offering PG Diploma in Clinical Research (Part Time online) to develop emerging professionals who have inclination towards clinical research industry.

The PD Diploma in Clinical Research (Part time online) was fabricated and designed to focus on the scientific, virtuous and operational issues of Clinical R...

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