Masters In Health Administration- A Great Career Option For MBA For Pharmacy Graduates

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Masters in Health Administration is a highly sought-after course in India, the reason being lucrative job opportunities in the government health organizations, especially the national health sector after successful completion of the course. Apart from classroom training and assignments, the program also includes internship opportunities and projects.

The different jobs that one can get after completing the course include jobs in managerial positions in healthcare organizations, jobs in NGOs and roles related to planning, implementing and monitoring community-based health programs. Also, many international healthcare projects are looking for masters in health administration where they can apply.

MBA in Pharma Marketing and management is a great career option for MBA for Pharmacy Graduates. Pharmacy graduates may get hold of a degree in business administration so that they can occupy managerial positions in the reputed pharmaceutical companies. The present value of Indian Pharmaceutical market is $15 billion. Thus, the course is on high demand since the students undertaking it can build their career in different domains of the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare areas.

 The fee structure may range from Rs 2-8 lac depending on the college one chooses while the salary packages range from Rs 3-15 lac depending on the recruiter that selects you. It is usually a two-year course that includes interactive sessions, group discussions, practical exposures and internship opportunities. It grooms the students in the following:

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Market Analytics

Pharmacy graduates may now undertake an MBA course that will offer them a variety of career options to select from. Masters in Health Administration is on huge demand among Indian students for the subsequent job opportunities in managerial roles on completion of the course.

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