Immense Scope In Clinical Research After BDS Completion For Dentists

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Clinical research is becoming one of the most sought after courses and the demand for clinical research professionals is growing rapidly, making it a very interesting career option for mass population with huge growth potential. Due to the prevalence of a huge variety of diseases, clinical research has become an ideal option for the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical research is basically a scientific study of the various risks, effects and benefits of any medicinal product. Trials are undertaken in clinical research at various stages prior to the market release of the medicine. The research includes different studies and experiments after successfully launching a new medicine to monitor side-effects and safety issues with the medicinal use.

There is a broad range of scope in Clinical Research After BDS completion. Clinical Research can be done by individuals having a B.Sc. degree in pharmacy, life science, medicine, dental surgery, biochemistry, etc. The clinical research industry provides impressive pay packages at the entry level that increases with more experience in this field and if a person has done BDS, then he or she can work as a:

  • Medical advisor
  • Clinical research physician
  • Drug developer
  • Principal investigator

One of the best places to do clinical research after BDS is ICRI, India. ICRI is a market leader in clinical research education, having more than 12,000 placements in various fields.  Major hospital chains like Fortis, Apollo, and etc. end up preferring gradate from ICRI. With a decade of experience and eminent learning opportunities, ICRI stands first in providing excellent knowledge and scope in clinical research.

 There is immense scope in clinical research after BDS where both public and private sector firms hire dentists in clinical research with attractive pay packages and career options.

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