Excellent Scope After M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a part of psychology that deals with diagnosis and treatments of mental illness and abnormal behaviour of people. It is the largest subsection of psychology and people with a degree in clinical psychology get hands-on experience from internships and fieldwork done in postgraduate level. Clinical psychologists are trained in a variety of therapies and diagnostic techniques in order to help people who are suffering from depression, phobias, anxiety and other mental disorders. The students get excellent job opportunities with different specializations. They can even work in their private practices in order to assess mental disorders.

The scope after M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and M.Sc. in Clinical Research is best for individuals who have the options of pursuing the following career paths after completing post graduation in clinical psychology.

Health Psychology: – This is a specialty area within psychology focusing, on social, genetic and psychological factors that influence health and illness. Health psychologists work in research or clinical setting. The pay package is very good in scientific research and development services.

Clinical Social Worker: – Clinical psychologists can become social workers reaching the community as a part of counselling psychology. Clinical psychologists can work in various non-profit and government organizations to work with their clients and serve the society.

Neuropsychologist: – A neuropsychologist is a very special type of clinical psychologist as they have the ability to understand brain-behaviour relationships. They help the neurosurgeons and neurologists with their expertise in assessing brain functioning and predicting the effects on a patient. Neuropsychologists earn huge salaries in surgical hospitals and general medical hospitals apart from earning their own share through private practise.

There is a huge scope after M.Sc. clinical psychology for students who can work in a variety of settings like in hospitals, colleges and also in research and development centres.

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