Excellent Clinical Research Career Options

Clinical Research

Clinical research is a very attractive and sought after career option for researchers as it offers tremendous growth and excellent job opportunities for experienced medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical professionals. The clinical research industry is growing exponentially, opening up a variety of employment opportunities for a large number of people in the world.

Clinical Research career options are mainly based on the vast academic qualification of the individuals. Some of the most common career paths are given below:-

  • Doctors: – Doctors are hired in Clinical trials as medical advisor, drug developer, clinical research physician, and principal investigator.
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA):- CRA is a healthcare professional degree in clinical research industry involving activities related to medical research and clinical trials. The CRA works with pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and medical research institutes.
  • Clinical Trials Auditor: – Trial auditors review the performance in clinical research to ensure smooth functioning of healthcare methods and systems.
  • Biostatisticians: – Biostatistics deals with the application of statistics in medicine, pharmacy and other biological experiments. Biostatisticians gather data from the biological experiments, summarize it and then analyse it. Finally they interpret them to find various solutions in health and medicine.

Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is a pioneer institute in healthcare management and clinical research education offering excellent job opportunities in major hospital chains, government agencies, public and private sector firms, etc. ICRI has introduced Clinical research and clinical data management in India and India’s very first book on Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance was composed by ICRI. Clinical research helps in making latest therapies, technologies and pharmaceuticals easily accessible by the patients.

There are endless number of job opportunities and attractive career paths available for those who are searching for clinical research career options due to the surge in this career field.

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