Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicines With A Course in Pharmacovigilance

PharmacovigilanceWhat is the purpose of studying Pharmacovigilance? When you study Pharmacovigilance it

  • Contribute to the assessment of effectiveness of medicines
  • Provides an effective communication to public and health professional.
  • You are also involved in Medical and paramedical intervention
  • It helps to promote understanding and education in pharmacovigilance
  • Improve safety of patients in relation to the use of the drug.

Before a new drug is launched in the market, a PG  Diploma in Pharmacovigilance professional study the safety measures taken before the drug hits the market to prevent adverse actions of the medicine. Public health has to be kept in mind when the medicine is released in the market. Pharmacovigilance is also the scientific method of monitoring, detecting, understanding, assessing and creating reports of the functionality of the drug in different patients with different medical conditions. All over the world, Pharmacovigilance course is becoming very important. The reason for this is that this industry is growing fast.

Need of pharmacovigilance

A constant pressure is there for the pharmaceutical industry to find the drugs that are marketed all over the world so as to maximise profit in the shortest possible time. It is due this that some medicines will have been tested only for short-term safety on a limited number of selected individuals and that pre-marketing safety issues may be unnoticed. This is why it is necessary that progressing treatments are monitored for their effectiveness and more information are needed about using of medicines in specific population groups and combinations with other medicines.

Eligibility criteria

You can try a career in this prospering industry with proper training in Pharmacovigilance course. In order to enter the Course In Pharmacovigilance, you should be a BAMS, MBBS, BHMS, BDS, Physiotherapy and occupational therapy graduates, BPharm, MPharm, Graduates and Postgraduates in Sciences, Botany, Life Sciences, Microbiology, Zoology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Biotechnology.

Course duration

The full time Course In Pharmacovigilance is for two years though you can take part time course or online courses. The course timings vary from institute to institute.

A lot of students are there who are feeling the urge to join these courses for a bright career ahead.

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