Best Campus For Specialised Clinical Research And Healthcare Management

Clinical Research JobAll over the worlds, education has emerged as a bare necessity. These days a lot of students are opting for clinical research courses because of the plethora of benefits it put forth.

Students living in the Healthcare Campus in Banglore can take lots of advantages. With rising importance of Clinical research there has been raising demand for the top-notch campus. Living in campus is really very helpful to improve responsibility and independency of students.

It is in the campus that the students are able to easily develop their habit to do their personal work by themselves. Beautiful and calm campus provides good ambience for students to do their academic works and home work leisurely and efficiently...

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Ensuring the Safe Use of Medicines With A Course in Pharmacovigilance

PharmacovigilanceWhat is the purpose of studying Pharmacovigilance? When you study Pharmacovigilance it

  • Contribute to the assessment of effectiveness of medicines
  • Provides an effective communication to public and health professional.
  • You are also involved in Medical and paramedical intervention
  • It helps to promote understanding and education in pharmacovigilance
  • Improve safety of patients in relation to the use of the drug.

Before a new drug is launched in the market, a PG  Diploma in Pharmacovigilance professional study the safety measures taken before the drug hits the market to prevent adverse actions of the medicine. Public health has to be kept in mind when the medicine is released in the market...

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Future prospects after Master Health Administration

MBA Healthcare Management

A Masters health administration degree is also called an MHA. Different universities offer precise areas of specialization in health administration. Where you want to focus plays a major part in which institution you ultimately choose. Some common areas in health administration include operations management, marketing and communication, care quality management, gerontology, outpatient services, informatics, information technology and policy development and finance.

 Course Requirements for a Masters Health Administration Degree

The course names maydiffer as per the specialization but topics generally include economics for policy and planning, leadership, statistics, health information systems, medical law, accounting, financial management, organizational theory, quality of care concepts, ...

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Excellent Scope After M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a part of psychology that deals with diagnosis and treatments of mental illness and abnormal behaviour of people. It is the largest subsection of psychology and people with a degree in clinical psychology get hands-on experience from internships and fieldwork done in postgraduate level. Clinical psychologists are trained in a variety of therapies and diagnostic techniques in order to help people who are suffering from depression, phobias, anxiety and other mental disorders. The students get excellent job opportunities with different specializations. They can even work in their private practices in order to assess mental disorders.

The scope after M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and M.Sc. in Clinical Research is best for individuals who have the options of pursuing the foll...

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Trends in Healthcare Industry 2016 With Bright Career Prospects

MBA in Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry is an integration of different sectors providing treatment and services to patients. It helps in treating patients with preventive, curative and palliative care. The healthcare industry is dependent on teams of expert and trained professionals to meet the health issues of all individuals. The healthcare industry is one of the largest as well as fastest growing industries in the world. Institute of Clinical Research (ICRI), India has made a significant impact on the economy by incorporating healthcare education in its curriculum. Healthcare Management, which is done in ICRI, involves the work of planning, integrating and managing all the business related activities within a hospital.

  • The top challenges and trends of healthcare industry 2016 are as follows:Increasing...
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Immense Scope In Clinical Research After BDS Completion For Dentists

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Clinical research is becoming one of the most sought after courses and the demand for clinical research professionals is growing rapidly, making it a very interesting career option for mass population with huge growth potential. Due to the prevalence of a huge variety of diseases, clinical research has become an ideal option for the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical research is basically a scientific study of the various risks, effects and benefits of any medicinal product. Trials are undertaken in clinical research at various stages prior to the market release of the medicine. The research includes different studies and experiments after successfully launching a new medicine to monitor side-effects and safety issues with the medicinal use.

There is a broad range of scope in Clinical Rese...

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Excellent Clinical Research Career Options

Clinical Research

Clinical research is a very attractive and sought after career option for researchers as it offers tremendous growth and excellent job opportunities for experienced medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical professionals. The clinical research industry is growing exponentially, opening up a variety of employment opportunities for a large number of people in the world.

Clinical Research career options are mainly based on the vast academic qualification of the individuals. Some of the most common career paths are given below:-

  • Doctors: – Doctors are hired in Clinical trials as medical advisor, drug developer, clinical research physician, and principal investigator.
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA):- CRA is a healthcare professional degree in clinical research industry involving activities r...
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2 YEAR BSc Clinical Research At ICRI

Clinical Research Job

Due to the sudden growth in the global a relative fall can be seen in the number of healthcare workers. Due to the migration of many clinical research professionals abroad, India is facing an acute shortage of faculty and clinical practitioners in the field. This necessitates the initialization of more educational institutions such ICRI which are able to fulfill local, national and global demands for healthcare providers.


Other than offering special courses to improve the students’ computer skills, ICRI also provides the students with special courses in communication skills. These will be offered with the aim to help them:

  • Enhance their interaction skills with multi-disciplinary team and their clients in hospitals.
  • Exercise analytical skills when confronted with critical...
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Phd Healthcare Management: A Wise Career Choice

A good career is desired by one and all. Healthcare and management is one of the leading choices among the youth these days. PHD healthcare management and masters in hospital administration are some of the most popular courses these days. Many schools offer such courses to the students.

Professional courses such as PHD healthcare and masters in hospital administration are extremely strong foundation stones of a bright and long lasting career in healthcare. ICRI happens to be one of the popular institutes that offer these courses and much more to the students. This school makes it a point to deliver only useful knowledge to the students and also contribute to their overall development. It has three campuses across the nation and has good reputation in the education world.

The students who a...

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Masters In Health Administration- A Great Career Option For MBA For Pharmacy Graduates

Clinical Research Courses

Masters in Health Administration is a highly sought-after course in India, the reason being lucrative job opportunities in the government health organizations, especially the national health sector after successful completion of the course. Apart from classroom training and assignments, the program also includes internship opportunities and projects.

The different jobs that one can get after completing the course include jobs in managerial positions in healthcare organizations, jobs in NGOs and roles related to planning, implementing and monitoring community-based health programs. Also, many international healthcare projects are looking for masters in health administration where they can apply.

MBA in Pharma Marketing and management is a great career option for MBA for Pharmacy Graduates...

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