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PhD in Healthcare and Hospital Management is a course which trains students rigorously in applied management along with advanced training in the field of the system of healthcare as well as healthcare service. Again, PhD in hospital management strengthens the capacity of research in the management sector of the system of healthcare. The Delhi campus of ICRI provides these courses.

Why you should Choose ICRI Delhi for PhD Healthcare and Hospital Management:

Research Guides:They are the most dedicated and the best in India. They are either:

  • Indigenous academic members of the university.
  • PhD professors of ICRI.
  • Senior industry members belonging to the Healthcare Industry.
  • You can choose your guides freely from ICRI and the university.
  • If you especially prefer a guide, you can choose him or her only after the academic board has approved it.
  • The campus has a magnificent infrastructure and the classrooms have projector facilities.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will get a starting salary of 40,000.
Duration: The duration of the course is 3 Years

Eligibility:Masters in Hospital Administration or management or operations or even public health policy is necessary. Also, a managerial degree will be good enough.To get selected for the program, the university sets an entrance test which you need to pass.

Healthcare industry:

  • In the upcoming 5 years, Healthcare industry will grow from US$ 35 Billion industry to above US $75 Billion.
  • By 2018, there will be a requirement for above a million healthcare professionals.
  • 32 good beds need to be assigned for every 10,000 people residing in the Metro cities near to the global standard of 35 per 10,000.
  • Pharmaceutical as well as health care industry is growing exponentially.
  • In the upcoming 5 years, over 250,000 new professionals will be needed.
This course exposes a vista of opportunities for the students including senior positions and as professors in the Healthcare Industry. One semester of the course is dedicated to teaching Research Methodology, the classes of which take place regularly in the ICRI campus. After choosing a mentor or guide, the students have to decide a topic, which on approval by the committee will become the topic of the thesis. Through the course, the basic topics that you will be taught are Operations and administration, Human resources, Information regarding health and management and purchasing of materials.

Choose this course and seal your career!

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